aiur (aiurx) wrote,

i sit

so here i sit
in this comfortable seat
at a harrowing 4am.
normally i'd sleep
instead i weap
for the warmth of the bed
and my family's side.
calling countries
far and near
to resolve the issues
that are so dear
to this corporations flourishing life
i take it as my strife
to get these devices up and stable
so that data may travel fast and able
yes i say
4am does crazy things to you, ok?
and still i await
nay, i cant stand the wait!
of the safetly floor walk through
as in the future it looms
lonely i on 9th server floor
with noone around me, not even stationed at the door
alone i must walk around up there
holding in my own mind, no fear.

4am still weirds me out.
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