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a bit of Josh's mind

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10th January 2018

6:20am: first of 2018
ah who am I kidding, this is the first and last of 2018, see you in 2019 LJ!

(shamelessly copy and pasted from last year's last year's last year's last year's last year's LAST year's post since I missed 2015... oops)

4th January 2017

5:32am: first of 2017
ah who am I kidding, this is the first and last of 2017, see you in 2018 LJ!

(shamelessly copy and pasted from last year's last year's last year's last year's LAST year's post since I missed 2015... oops)

2nd January 2016

12:27am: first of 2016
ah who am I kidding, this is the first and last of 2016, see you in 2017 LJ!

(shamelessly copy and pasted from last year's last year's last year's LAST year's post since I missed 2015... oops)

6th January 2014

8:48am: first of 2014
ah who am I kidding, this is the first and last of 2014, see you in 2015 LJ!

(shamelessly copy and pasted from last year's last year's post)

3rd January 2013

6:48am: first of 2013
ah who am I kidding, this is the first and last of 2013, see you in 2014 LJ! 

(shamelessly copy and pasted from last year's last year's post)
Current Mood: apathetic

2nd January 2012

10:16am: first of 2012
ah who am I kidding, this is the first and last of 2012, see you in 2013 LJ! 

(shamelessly copy and pasted from last years post)

12th January 2011

6:10am: first of 2011!!
ah who am I kidding, this is the first and last of 2011, see you in 2012 LJ! 

1st July 2010

7:04am: damn
another year another update
its funny
because old josh
is a lil bitch josh
compared to
new josh.

go put a tampon on old josh!
you lil bitch!
says new josh. 

9th August 2009

2:26am: Omg first post from the iPhone

Like the title says

Posted via LiveJournal.app.

26th June 2008

4:39am: Image test
Image mobile test.
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
4:37am: Test
Mobile test.
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
4:22am: still kickin

as the title implies...
this journal is still kickin...oh look new features....


6th January 2008

4:58pm: hilarious

it's of great humor to me that my 25 most recent posts now cover the span of 2 years.

21st September 2007

3:12am: fatigue
    how does one go
past the midnight hour
       the body lost
     its power
     no sweet taste
  in this hour of
   the tick of typing
       the tack of TYPING
    someone save me from all this
                                    the nightmoves forward
     time moves backwards
              back in the past
                           i am very
Current Mood: :80

11th September 2007

3:15am: big xom 3am
well, really 315am
but you know
being awake is hard to do
around this time over here, the fabric
. . . of life
. . . . gets thin
. . too much
. to handel

von smidtch

Current Mood: tired

10th September 2007

3:25am: carry your cross
so today in church i really got a lot from the Gospel.
Although the priest really touched more on the "softer side" referencing Mark's version I enjoyed Luke's much more
Jesus basically told everyone if there is anyone who has not hated their family, spouse, children, even their own life, they could not be a disciple.

the priest took a different view on this than i would have.
i summed it up to be more a term of values.
you know, without hell, no heaven thing.
basically in order to fully appriciate and love your family, spouse, children, and your life, you must have at least one contrasting moment towards them.  The contrasting values give way to affirmation of how much we enjoy/love somehting or someone.  And vice versa for love to hate.

it was just a rambling.
im sure everyone has already thought about this.

its been a busy night
     busy indeed
          AP decided to flake out on us durning their prime time

   you know how it is

        99.99% availibility is a hard goal to live up too.
  i'm officially back in my routine here.
    walk  in
    turn over
   brief myself on tonight issues
   put up lunch
  call roxanne a few times  
1145pm get lunch
  2am chat with workers
  530am go home.

i grab coffe everyonce in a while
K-Cup only fool.
   2 french vanilla creamers
  2 original creamers
  dash of sugar.
      im a sweet guy
i gotta have sweet coffee.
 ive been pretty bored tonight
sitting and chatting with workers about pregnancy and stuff
its all good in da hood.
  im tired though
very tired
i'll look forward to sleeping this morning.

ive decided i like rihanna's song umbrella
its so damned catchy.
in other words

i guess ill go now.
piece in da middle east

but you know

that penta gram is still in the network maps %\

Current Mood: touched

9th September 2007

5:11am: sing a song for the network man

the later
        it gets
                the more 
                   the pentagram
           in the network
Current Mood: TCP/IP PORT 80
4:09am: all across the worldiverse
as i comfortly hunker down in my
ergonomic seat
the other side of the world errupts in a blistering whirl of
dropped connections
dead devices
and obstenant carriers

oh how i long for sleep
so much
that it almost makes me
Current Mood: anxious

8th September 2007

4:08am: i sit
so here i sit
in this comfortable seat
at a harrowing 4am.
normally i'd sleep
instead i weap
for the warmth of the bed
and my family's side.
calling countries
far and near
to resolve the issues
that are so dear
to this corporations flourishing life
i take it as my strife
to get these devices up and stable
so that data may travel fast and able
yes i say
4am does crazy things to you, ok?
and still i await
nay, i cant stand the wait!
of the safetly floor walk through
as in the future it looms
lonely i on 9th server floor
with noone around me, not even stationed at the door
alone i must walk around up there
holding in my own mind, no fear.

4am still weirds me out.
Current Mood: cold

7th September 2007

3:36am: fridays with josh
no im not dying.
in fact im very much living right now.
despite my semi high blood pressure.
i did run today though, eating more consciencesly
forget spelling
its 300am
body must convert!!!
so yeah its gonna suck if i kick off from a heart attack
like 4 relzzzzzz
still i gotta superman dem ho's
so here i am
awake for a reason to stay awake.
oh, to stay awake for work
so i've been battling this thing with ethan as of late
he likes me right, but only wants roxanne to do shit for him
pisses me off cause i treat him well
you know i come down like a hardass on him more than once but im not going to have a brat running around.
stand firm
but i think its more rejection from him that gets me
i can rejection from people but from your own blood i suppose its harder
and despite the warnings from roxanne about my ever-so oscillating relation with my
im very well aware of the possible ramifications that might ensue as a
"come-back-to-bite-me-in-the-ass" sort of deal
so i need to work on that and vest some of my prayers into my relationship with my father.
roxanne says (with reference from her mom) that its because there is a baby in her belly,
that ethan detects it.
ok ok now i cant discount that cause thats not my job, im no doc or witch doc but
i really wish he would detect some winning lottery numbers you know what im saying
you know

ah i forgot the crazy sounds of the octopus project
so i had a talk with matt today
about stuff

stuffity stuff stuff
i gave him my 2-cents and he listened
i have confidence in him
but then again
love makes fools of us all!
and i do love my roxanne
even if that makes me a fool.

ive been enjoying my 360 much mroe than i anticipated lately
despite my hate for losing and my unfathomable defeat against roxanne in DoA:4
its still fun
Geowars and all the LIVE games
with Halo 3 paid for
and my wishlist for Eternal Sonata
it only gets better

been going to a lot of church lately
have a lot of things to pray for
and i really think that this point in my life
God is the only one who is going to save my mortal soul
the Gospels are starting to scare me
"I know not where you are from"
if i dont get into Heaven what will happen?
i suppose more life and eternity
or perhaps Hell, i cant judge myself accurately.

ive been thinking a lot about humanity lately.
i dont know what to think about whats going on, its almost
death and despair everywhere
but the pigs get slaughtered as the hogs get fatter
or however it goes
even though i do my best to extend my compassion to those less fortunate, with a family and in advent of another child, really, the ones that really matter are the ones close to me
i say
i cut any bitch down that trys to take me down
i figure, its because i need to ensure my longevity of my family, safetly and security. 
they are what is important to me and i wont let them take crap from someone they dont know
cut 'em down

go read a book you illiterate son of a bitch
and step up your vocab

good ol jayz

very very disconnected thoughts tonight

you know i see a black figure in this house
wigggggggggggggggggges me out hardcore
roxanne doesnt like when i tell her about it
so far it hasnt been threatening

i think home improvement is a funny show
its got all of the thigns in there to make it good

i dont know maybe thats just the whiteness in me
i cling to other suburbanites

you know ive never lost touch with who i was years ago even as a kid
isnt that funny
i think thats what i meant by being stable
i grow
but ive never lost me

i hope to pass that down to my children
i dont want ethan to take life to seriously
ok good grades are important
but experience holds much more than some school.
everything ive learned that has been impotant has come from outside of school.
i digress
i never learned calculus and other impratical math applications in the back of a stanza or sitting infront of a sega

there are so many noises in this house!!!!!!!!!!!!

good night all,
Current Mood: blank

5th September 2007

1:41pm: portal to the world

i suppose it would barely suffice to say that youtube is a good portal to the world

Current Mood: content

2nd September 2007

9:56pm: rebirth #xxxx
so i saw matt's updated journals and i thought well shit, why dont i do the same.
i've been thinking for a while that i need to record my thoughts again, worrying about death like i do, i am afriad that if i die before my children get to know me, they won't know how i am or what i was like.
not that this is the best determinant of my personality and/or character but it will have to do.

things are nice.
im very stable.
the most stable i think ive ever been.
roxanne and i get a long just great.
ethan is blooming
and baby x is forming.
a new job i started
with all the trimmings of a "real" job
i am very stable.

which is different for me.

today in church the priest said that apathy is being disconnect from God and being connected to something else.
something that cannot compare to the peace that God can give is what i derived from the passage.
yes i have been going to church a lot more lately. twice a week in fact. gotta get it done.
may things to be thankful for.
all for now.
will do later.

Current Mood: nothingtobedefined

23rd May 2007

11:52pm: awoken
it has been a while hasnt it?
oh how i have wiled many a hour publicizing my life and feelings on this thing.
what have i been doing you probably dont ask?
well in the time since my last post
i quit STTKDA
took a job at Micropaq
Finished CCNA
quit Micropaq
and I now work in the Houston Command Center for ExxonMobil.
it's sw33t.

and and and
i'm now going to be the father of 2.
yeah but its all good.

25th September 2006

8:33am: birthday cakes.
happy birthday dear gabe
happy birthday dear anthony
happy birthday to my friends.
happy birthday la.
Current Mood: apathetic

28th August 2006

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